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Online Courses for Students

Two Ways to Take a Course

NJCTL offers online courses for middle and high school students in science, mathematics, and computer science. They are 100% online and asynchronous so they can be taken on the student’s schedule. Courses can be taken in either of two ways:

  • Teacher-Facilitated courses require tuition. They are taught by experienced, certified teachers with master's or doctoral degrees. The high school courses are NCAA® approved and the AP® courses are authorized by the CollegeBoard®.

  • Self-Study courses are free to members and include all the videos, labs, and quizzes of the Teacher-Facilitated courses but without the assistance and grading of an instructor.

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Why take a course with NJCTL?

We will help your teen master critical subjects.

NJCTL has been successfully preparing teachers to teach science and math for over a decade. Our innovative approach has made us a leading producer of science and math teachers, and the #1 producer of physics teachers in the United States. Through our work in building a strong teaching force, NJCTL has contributed to New Jersey becoming ranked #1 in student achievement in physics and #2 in chemistry.

Our courses for middle and high school students are based on the same classes we use to instruct teachers in these subjects. All of our teaching materials are vetted, standards-based, and are used in classrooms across the U.S. and around the world. You can feel confident knowing your child will be in the best possible position to master the material.

We are teachers with extensive experience both in the classroom and in effective online learning.

Over the last several years, NJCTL has developed an approach to online learning that captures the very best in classroom instruction, while taking advantage of the rich opportunities remote learning offers.

When we first began transitioning our courses from face-to-face to online, we experimented with live, real-time online classes. While these courses were more accessible and freed students from commuting to a physical class, this system still locked them into an unsustainable schedule and lacked the flexibility for instructors to modify instruction based on a particular student's prior background and interests.

In 2018, NJCTL fully converted our courses to be 100% online and asynchronous, so students could take courses anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. There is no need to work around a Zoom schedule, or real-time technology glitches. Instead of delivering lectures that require everyone to meet at the same time, instructors are able to focus their energy on providing individualized support based on each student’s particular needs.

While the instructor provides ongoing monitoring and guidance, courses are structured so students can move through the material independently. Each topic is introduced with a brief video explanation. This is followed by a question to test your teen’s understanding. They are then immediately told if they are right or wrong and given access to a video showing how to solve the problem. This is repeated through a series of questions that allows them to build their understanding. Once that topic is complete, they go on to the next topic.

Each unit also includes auto-scored multiple-choice quizzes, virtual labs that enable laboratory investigations via simulations, and virtually proctored exams that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

We will help you monitor your teen's academic progress.

Parents will be able to log in at any time to see how their teen is doing in the course, including the last time they logged in, their grades, and their progress. The instructor will grade submitted work, provide feedback, and work with the student to address any conceptual misconceptions.

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