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NJCTL Membership Program

$95 per year

Fully tax deductible

NJCTL's membership program is ideal for students who want to fill in gaps from previous courses, get a head start on next year's courses, or just review specific topics. Membership is also great for teachers getting ready for next year or for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and understanding of science, mathematics, or computer science. It provides free access to all NJCTL Self-Study courses and reduces prices on courses taught by an NJCTL instructor.

NJCTL Self-Study Membership Program provides:

  1. Free enrollment to all Self-Study courses (2000 level)
  2. 15% tuition reduction on courses taught by NJCTL faculty (4000 level)
  3. Access to discussion boards with teachers and peers

Cost (Fully Tax Deductible):

  1. The first family member: $95 per year
  2. Each additional family member: $45 per year
Course Elements Live Teaching Materials for Use at Home Self-Study Courses (2000 level) Teacher-Facilitated Courses (4000 level)
Presentations Replace Textbooks checked checked checked
Classwork, Homework, Unit Plans, Labs checked checked checked
Formative Assessment Questions checked checked checked
Automatic Feedback on Formative Assessments checked checked
Formative Assessment Explanation Videos checked checked
Virtual Labs checked checked
Auto-Graded Quizzes checked checked
Progress Bar checked checked
Teacher-graded Labs and Tests checked
Teacher-provided Answers, Support, and Guidance checked
Teacher-Provided Updates on Student Progress and Activity checked
Parent Portal for Real-Time Student Status Updates checked
Proctored Tests checked
NJCTL Transcript with Grades checked
NCAA-approved High School Courses checked