Mathematics K-12 Endorsement Online

Are you an already certified New Jersey teacher looking to earn an additional endorsement?

NJCTL is happy to announce that we are now offering an Online Mathematics K-12 Endorsement program!

Mathematics K-12 Endorsement Online

This program provides currently certified New Jersey teachers, in any subject area, an endorsement to teach Mathematics K-12 through a combination of NJCTL's Online Courses for Teachers; Field Experience Courses; and Praxis II examination. NJCTL's Online Courses for Teachers provide all the required instruction in both mathematics content and teaching methods.
  • Teachers complete the first three Online Courses for Teachers; Teaching Methods (MET-6101), Learning,Teaching Pre-Algebra (MATH-6401); and Learning and Teaching Algebra I (MATH-6403) before entering the classroom in the fall.
  • Teachers then take two Field Experience Courses, MATH-6406 in the fall and MATH-6408 in the spring, in which they teach PMI Algebra I to at least one section of students while receiving coaching and support from NJCTL.
  • During the Field Experience, teachers take two additional Online Courses for Teachers; Learning and Teaching Geometry (MATH-6405); and Learning and Teaching Algebra II (MATH-6407).
  • At the end of the field experience and continuing into the summer term, teachers take two final Online Courses for Teachers, Learning and Teaching Precalculus/Introductory Calculus (MATH-6409), and High School Mathematics Capstone with Praxis Prep (MATH-6413).

Upon successfully completing these seven Online Courses for Teachers,the two Field Experiences Courses, and passing the Mathematics Content Knowledge (5161) Praxis, the candidate can apply to the New Jersey Department of Education for an endorsement to teach Mathematics K-12.

For more details see: Requirements and Recommendation for PMI Endorsement

While NJCTL Online Courses for Teachers are asynchronous, so they can be taken anytime, anywhere, we recommend starting on suggested dates to be part of a cohort. Also, “virtual office hours” will be in place for each course using Zoom; by being part of a cohort, those Zoom sessions will be more productive. Teachers will still receive classroom coaching visits as part of the Field Experience Courses.

Tuition Schedule

Tuition is due after the add/drop date, which is two weeks after the first course meeting for each course. Some districts may underwrite this tuition, or provide tuition reimbursement. NJCTL recommends teachers inquire with their districts.

Due to NJEA being the founder and largest supporter of NJCTL; NJEA members receive a discount of 20% for all Online Courses for Teachers. The schedule of costs is below:

Financing is available through Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union (GAFCU), click here to learn more.
All individuals who pay for the entire program up front (through GAFCU financing or other means) are entitled to a 5% discount for paying in advance.

This teacher endorsement program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.

If you are interested in our Online Mathematics K-12 Endorsement Program and would like to receive more information, use the link below:

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