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Leave Replacement Program

NJCTL's Leave Replacement Program helps districts that can't find an appropriately certified teacher to cover a long-term or short-term STEM vacancy.

NJCTL provides online asynchronous STEM courses for students and meets with them for live online sessions each week. This is combined with comprehensive, weekly coaching for the substitute covering the class.

The district provides the administration and classroom management; NJCTL provides the instruction and staff coaching.

Services Provided

NJCTL works with each district or school to customize a Leave Replacement Program that best accommodates their specific scheduling and staffing needs.

Throughout each assignment, NJCTL provides a skilled, certified instructor to support the substitute as well as online, asynchronous courses on its Moodle platform. These comprehensive courses include presentations, instructional videos by master teachers, frequent formative assessment questions, virtual labs, auto-graded quizzes, and tests.

The NJCTL instructor will grade work submitted by students, answer questions, and facilitate in-class discussions. The instructor also works directly with the substitute teacher to plan the dally agenda for each class.

NJCTL does not act as the teacher of record and is not acting as an employee of the district. NJCTL’s primary role is to provide comprehensive content support. The substitute teacher will handle classroom management and serve as a liaison to administrators and parents.

NJCTL Leave Replacement Support Includes

Moodle set-up and student enrollment

Coaching, planning, and support for the substitute teacher

Grading of labs and tests

Remote live instruction sessions once or twice per week

One-hour weekly office hours for students

Rapid response to student and teacher questions via email and discussion boards

District Responsibilites

Provide a substitute teacher to collaborate with the NJCTL instructor

Maintain the district LMS (i.e., Google Classroom) and update records in the district SIS (i.e. Powerschool)

Manage the physical classroom

Comply with the requirements of special education, 504 and ELL students


$2,300 per month plus $1,200 per section per month

For schools requiring extra support, we offer the following services:

$800 per month, per section for two class meetings (rather than one) for direct instruction, per week

$400 per section (one-time fee) for remote test proctoring service (Proctorio)

$195 per hour for additional support services, including additional sessions of remote live instruction sessions per week

NJCTL requires a minimum assignment of one month (20 instructional days). Partial months will be prorated.

For more information or to set up a Leave Replacement Program tailored for your school, please contact us.

100% Online and Asynchronous Courses

Courses are 100% online, asynchronous, and self-paced.

Rolling Enrollment

Start courses anytime and finish at your own pace.

Qualify with Any Bachelor's Degree

Anyone with a bachelor's degree in any subject, with any GPA, may enroll in NJCTL courses and/or a master's degree program. No prior mathematics or science background required.

NJ-Licensed Graduate School of Education

NJCTL is an online graduate school of education duly authorized by the NJ Office of the Secretary of Higher Education with initial programmatic accreditation from the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). NJDOE accepts NJCTL credits towards meeting certification requirements. Learn more.

Credit Transcription Available
Apply NJCTL Credits Towards A Doctorate

NJCTL has exceptionally affordable tuition at $195 per graduate credit. There are never fees or textbook costs.

District and/or State Approval

We strongly encourage prospective students to check with their district and/or state to confirm that NJCTL courses and/or degrees will be accepted for their intended purpose.

Course Catalog

Click Here for the Course Catalog, which includes descriptions, credits, and tuition costs.

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