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We are here to help you every step of the way.

NJCTL is a nonprofit run by teachers, for teachers. We support you with everything you need to provide quality math and science education for your students.

Our goal is to reduce your stress, help improve student outcomes, and together, create a scalable solution for the STEM crisis.

Step 1

Free Classroom Teaching Materials

Editable. Comprehensive. Aligned.

Everything you need to teach K-12 and AP science, mathematics, or computer science is provided so you can focus on teaching and creating learner-centered classrooms, rather than "reinventing the wheel" with endless prep.

A social constructivist approach is enabled by digital presentations that interweave brief direct instruction with sets of formative assessment questions. Formative assessment is critical to learning, but it's impractical for individual teachers to write the needed 500+ questions per course. Our teams of teachers have taken on that challenge for you.

Our broad range of free, editable materials and resources include:

  • Editable digital presentations that replace the need for textbooks and contain direct instruction with embedded formative assessment questions.
  • Unit plans that contain everything you need for lesson planning including standards, essential questions, formative & summative assessments, labs, and day-by-day instructional sequence.
  • Classwork, homework, and assessments that align directly to your instruction.
  • Physical and virtual labs with instructions for students and instructors.

Our horizontally aligned science and mathematics courses allow your students to use grade-level mathematics in the context of their science courses and vice-versa. Their vertical alignment ensures year-to-year coherence.

Step 2

Courses for Teachers

Online and Asynchronous. Earn credits. Fulfill PD requirements.

NJCTL online courses in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science can be taken at your own convenience. Whether you want to build your teaching skills and content knowledge, learn a new subject, or prepare to teach AP courses, we have a class for you.

Content courses use an online version of the same classroom pedagogy as our courses for students. Asynchronous virtual constructivism, the online version of social constructivism, helps ensure an effective, learner-directed process by weaving together short, direct instruction videos with formative assessment questions. Each question is followed by immediate feedback and the opportunity to watch a video solution of that problem being solved. All courses are divided into modules with online quizzes, virtual labs that enable laboratory investigations via simulations, and, finally, virtually proctored tests that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Praxis Prep courses include modules aligned to each content category of the test. Each contain problem solving notebooks, with embedded review; mastery questions with solutions; a discussion board, moderated by certified instructors; and a unit test. The final module includes two full-length, Praxis-style tests.

Field Experience courses are based on a clinical supervision model that supports continual improvement of classroom policies and practices. Teachers submit reflections on the implementation and effectiveness of their policies, as well as videos of their classroom practice. Ongoing dialog with an NJCTL coach provides the support to improve on both. This non-evaluative feedback model helps improve teaching without pressure.

Teaching Methods course shows how to use research-proven approaches to create a highly effective and welcoming learning environment. Pedagogy topics include social constructivism; meta-cognition; differentiation; and meeting the needs of English language learners. Policy topics include grading based on mastery; why homework should not be graded; and providing retests to promote continuous improvement.

Step 3

Earn a New Endorsement

Take just the courses you need. Prepare to teach a new subject.

NJCTL has spent the last decade preparing teachers to teach in new content areas. No matter where you live, we can help you earn a new endorsement.

Click on a subject below to learn more.

Based on your background, and your state’s requirements, we can help you build a personalized pathway to an endorsement in a new subject area with our 100% online asynchronous courses.

100% Online and Asynchronous Courses

Courses are 100% online, asynchronous, and self-paced.

Rolling Enrollment

Start courses anytime and finish at your own pace.

Qualify with Any Bachelor's Degree

Anyone with a bachelor's degree in any subject, with any GPA, may enroll in NJCTL courses and/or a master's degree program. No prior mathematics or science background required.

NJ-Licensed Graduate School of Education

NJCTL is an online graduate school of education duly authorized by the NJ Office of the Secretary of Higher Education with initial programmatic accreditation from the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). NJDOE accepts NJCTL credits towards meeting certification requirements. Learn more.

Credit Transcription Available
Apply NJCTL Credits Towards A Doctorate

NJCTL has exceptionally affordable tuition at $195 per graduate credit. There are never fees or textbook costs.

District and/or State Approval

We strongly encourage prospective students to check with their district and/or state to confirm that NJCTL courses and/or degrees will be accepted for their intended purpose.

Course Catalog

Click Here for the Course Catalog, which includes descriptions, credits, and tuition costs.