Sep 24, 2019

Thinking about Earning a Subject Certification from NJCTL?

NJCTL helps learners earn their certification in a STEM subject through specific endorsement programs in New Jersey and through coursework offered to learners anywhere. Here are some key stats from a survey of our NJCTL certification graduates:

     *  96% of teachers completing an NJCTL certification program would recommend this program to other teachers.  

     *  96% also said the NJCTL certification program adequately prepared them to teach PSI and PMI. 

     *  92% said the certification program was equal to or better than other teacher certification programs in preparing them to teach a new subject. 

Here are some sample responses:

“I enjoyed the convenience of having all the information located online so I could work from wherever I needed.”

“Every email and message was responded to promptly and usually ended with something like – If you have any more questions, or if this didn’t answer your questions, please feel free to contact me.”

“I really liked the fact that NJCTL not only taught the course content, but effective ways in which it can be introduced and taught to students.”

Teachers anywhere can learn more here.

Educators in New Jersey can learn about an NJ-specific endorsement program here.