Nov 16, 2016

NJEA Convention Recap and Curriculum Updates

It was great to see both present and new users at the NJEA (NJ Education Association) conference in Atlantic City November 10-11. There were 10 presentations given between the two days about PSI and PMI and we met many great teachers. We also offered a session on AP Calculus for the first time.

During these sessions we went over some of the new features on the website, including the new Classroom Feature. We also let the AP Physics users know that we now have College Board Approval for AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2 and AP Physics C: Mechanics. We also expect to have approval for AP Physics C: E&M soon.

We were also excited to see Mila Jasey at the NJEA convention. 

Mila has been a consistent advocate for education and was the lead sponsor of the pilot legislation that led to CTL becoming the #1 producer of physics teachers in the U.S., and a major producer of chemistry teachers. After that successful pilot, Mila took the lead in making the pilot legislation permanent; that legislation passed unanimously in both houses and was signed by the governor. The result is that New Jersey is the largest producer of physics teachers in the country and leads in AP Physics results for its students. Thanks to Mila and that legislation, tens of thousands of students take physics and chemistry each year who wouldn't otherwise have had that opportunity. This has made the difference in many lives, especially the lives of underrepresented minorities and girls, groups which previously had limited access to rigorous science and mathematics.

To learn about the Classroom Feature on our website:

For the AP Physics 1 Syllabus Approval Instructions

For the AP Physics 2 Syllabus Approval Instructions

For the AP Physics C: Mechanics Syllabus

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