Nov 28, 2018

Learn to Teach AP Physics C

Are you a physics teacher looking to expand your skills and build student achievement?

NJCTL is happy to announce that we now offer two new online courses for teachers:

AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

Learn to teach the highest level of high school physics at your own pace. Both AP Physics C courses will position you to successfully use NJCTL’s comprehensive free, editable course materials and College Board-approved syllabus for your classroom.

Tuition and Graduate Credits

NJCTL recommends that you inquire directly with your district about them underwriting or providing tuition reimbursement for AP Physics C tuition. We also recommend teachers determine potential opportunities to fulfill professional development requirements by taking these courses.  As NJEA is the founder and largest supporter of NJCTL; NJEA members receive a discount of 20% for all Online Courses for Teachers. The schedule of costs is below:

NJCTL has partnered with Colorado State University-Global Campus to offer graduate credit for some of our coursework. Please click here to read more about the option of graduate credit.

[NJCTL graduates who have graduated from one of our endorsement programs qualify for an additional 50% discount.  NJEA members qualify for an additional 20% discount.]

To read more about the individual courses please click PHYS - 6631 and PHYS - 6633.

Up to 10 scholarship opportunities currently available for qualified teachers

Due to a generous grant from the Thompson Family Foundation, through February 1, 2019, qualified teachers may apply for one of 10 scholarship opportunities to take AP Physics C courses.  Scholarships cover 75% of NJCTL tuition costs and may not be used in combination with NJEA member or NJCTL endorsement graduate discounts.

Apply here for a scholarship opportunity.

Contact us for more info: 

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