Feb 12, 2019

Introducing NJCTL’s “The Living Environment”

Our new phenomenon-based, Next Generation Science Standards aligned, middle school classroom course materials provide students with a strong foundation for their later study, in high school and beyond, of mathematics and science.

At the same time, they maintain a keen focus on critical global issues, delivering a deep scientific understanding of global warming, the interconnectedness of life, and the mass extinction currently taking place.

This information is more vital than ever, as today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders who must make educated decisions that impact Earth’s ability to sustain life.

As we introduced to you last month, Physical Environment explains how the planet works.

Living Environment traces the chemical processes that predate life, through to the development of bacteria and archaea, eukaryotes, and then multicellular life...the plants and animal life we see around us.

Combined with a third year physics course, Mathematical Physics or Algebra-Based Physics,  these courses meet the middle school NGSS.