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Sound Waves Unit


*Optional Unit for after the AP Exam - Not tested on the AP


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Roberto Melo (NJ PHYS-E-23-24) • 4 months agologin to reply

Can you please go over the solution for #25 in the sound waves multiple choice located in the classwork-homework resource. Thank you in advance.

John Ennis • 4 months agologin to reply

Robert, Maximum intensity means there is constructive interference at that point. That occurs when the extra distance is an integral multiple of the wavelength. Find the wavelength by lamda = speed of sound/frequency = 331 m/s/680 Hz = 0.487 m. That doesn't match any of the choices though. But multiply the wavelength by 3 (integral multiple) and you get 1.46 m, which to two sig figures is 1.50 m. It also has a max intensity at 0.487 m, 0.97 m, etc. None of the other choices are integral multiples of the wavelength. John

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