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Expressions & Equations Unit


This section links together the PMI units that cover the Common Core Domain EE (Expressions & Equations). It also lists the sections in each unit, along with the Common Core Standards covered.

Expressions – Sixth Grade
• Exponents 6.EE.1
• Order of Operations 6.EE.3
• Vocabulary 6.EE.2
• Identifying Algebraic Expressions and Equations 6.EE.4 & 6.EE.6
• Translating between Words and Expressions6.EE.2
• Evaluating Expressions
• The Distributive Property & Applications 6.EE.2
• Combining Like Terms 6.EE.3


Equations & Inequalities – Sixth Grade
• Determining Solutions to Equations 6.EE.5
• Inverse Operations 6.EE.7
• Solving One Step Addition & Subtraction Equations 6.EE.7
• Solving One Step Multiplication & Division Equations 6.EE.7
• Writing Simple Inequalities 6.EE.8
• Solutions to Simple Inequalities 6.EE.8
• Graphing Solution Sets to Simple Inequalities 6.EE.8


Applications of Equations
• Translating to Equations 6.EE.9
• Dependent & Independent Variables 6.EE.9
• Equations and Tables 6.EE.9
• Graphing Equations 6.EE.9


Expressions – Seventh Grade
• Mathematical Expressions 7.EE.1
• Order of Operations 7.EE.1
• The Distributive Property 7.EE.1
• Like Terms 7.EE.1
• Translating Words into Expressions 7.EE.3
• Evaluating Expressions 7.EE.3


Equations and Inequalities 7th Grade
• Equations & Identities 7.EE.1
• Solving an Equation for a Variable 7.EE.2
• One Step Equations 7.EE.4
• Two Step Equations 7.EE.4
• Multi-Step Equations 7.EE.4
• Distributing Fractions in Equations 7.EE.4
• Writing & Solving Algebraic Equations 7.EE.3
• Graphing & Writing Inequalities With One Variable 7.EE.4
• Simple Inequalities Involving Addition & Subtraction 7.EE.4
• Simple Inequalities Involving Multiplication & Division 7.EE.3


Percents – Seventh Grade
• Representing Percent Equations Algebraically 7.EE.2
• Applied Percent of Decrease 7.EE.3
• Applied Percent of Increase 7.EE.3
• Real-Life Application Problems 7.EE.3


2D Geometry – Seventh Grade
• Mixed Review 7.EE.3


3D Geometry – Seventh Grade
• More Practice 7.EE.3


Scientific Notation – Eighth Grade
• Intro of Exponents 8.EE.1
• Properties of Exponents 8.EE.1
• Purpose of Scientific Notation 8.EE.3
• How to Write Numbers in Scientific Notation 8.EE.3
• Comparing Numbers in Scientific Notation 8.EE.3
• Multiply and Divide with Scientific Notation 8.EE.4
• Addition and Subtractions with Scientific Notation 8.EE.4


Solving Equations – Eighth Grade
• Inverse Operations 8.EE.7
• One Step Equations 8.EE.7
• Two Step Equations 8.EE.7
• Multi-Step Equations 8.EE.7
• More Equations 8.EE.7
• Transforming Formulas 8.EE.7


Real Numbers – Eighth Grade
• Converting Repeating Decimals to Fractions 8.EE.7
• Square Roots 8.EE.2
• Cube Roots 8.EE.2
• Square & Cube Roots 8.EE.2


Graphing Linear Equations – Eighth Grade
• Tables 8.EE.6
• Slope & Y-Intercept 8.EE.6
• Defining Slope on the Coordinate Plane 8.EE.6
• Tables & Slope 8.EE.6
• Slope Formula 8.EE.6
• Slope Intercept Form 8.EE.6
• Rate of Change 8.EE.6
• Proportional Relationships and Graphing 8.EE.5
• Slope and Similar Triangles 8.EE.6
• Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 8.EE.8
• Solve Systems by Graphing 8.EE.8
• Solve Systems by Substitution 8.EE.8
• Solve Systems by Eliminations 8.EE.8
• Choosing Your Strategy 8.EE.8
• Writing Systems to Model Situations 8.EE.8


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