Equations & Inequalities 7th Grade Unit


Stephanie Condon • 3 years, 8 months agologin to reply

Is there a way to print the teacher slides? I don't see that as an option.

Audra Crist • 3 years, 8 months agologin to reply

Dear Ms. Condon, Thank you for your comment. Yes, you can print the teacher slides with a few different options. Once you are logged into our site, you can click on the "presentation" link from the menu option above. After you get to the page that shows the multiple forms of the presentation, you can download & open the "1 Slide Per Page with Answers" PDF file. It was made w/ our older PDF generator, before switching to the new site, so some of the text (or some entire slides might be blank) might be missing from this PDF. We are currently working on installing a new PDF generator that will be able to create PDFs from the SMART Notebook files with out any missing text. Once you open the PDF, you can use the Adobe "File" -> "Print" option, and choose to have multiple slides per page within their "Print" menu. For more information, please see this link (the "See Instructions" link given in our text beneath the presentation files): https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/print-multiple-pages-per-sheet.html If you have SMART Notebook, and would like to have none of the text missing, you can also open our Notebook file, save it into smaller files (i.e. one file per topic), and then pull all of the tabs out, and make a "Completed Notes" file. I do this in my classroom for my students w/ special needs, and I send a copy of this "Completed Notes" file to my co-teacher. Either option can work for you. Choose whichever option seems to work best. Kind regards, Audra

Deb Yoast • 2 years agologin to reply

Just finishing up this chapter and was a bit frustrated with the Assessments. For example, there are questions on the test that have variables on both sides of the equation and no where in the homework did student have a chance to practice this. They also show up in the story problem section. And with the inequalities, students solve one-step inequalities in the chapter problems, but on the quiz, they have a 2-step problem. I have went and fixed these on my own--major changes on the test--but thought you should be aware. Thanks and have a great day! --Deb Yoast

Audra Crist • 2 years agologin to reply

Dear Deb Yoast, Thank you for your comment. The 2-step inequality has been changed to a 1-step inequality in the quiz file. After looking over the test file, I can see where your concerns are originating. I'm going to share your concerns about the test with our writing team before we determine the best plan of action. I'll provide you with another update as it becomes available. Kind regards, Audra

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