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Steven Rood-Ojalvo • 4 years, 6 months agologin to reply

Download archive link appears to be broken. April 1, 2016, (not a joke)

Melissa Axelsson • 4 years, 6 months agologin to reply

I just tried it myself and it worked. It downloads it to a zip file. You also need to be logged in for the assessments to be included.

Erin Wiese • 4 years, 5 months agologin to reply

Could you check the math on homework problem #18-specifically the "net force" answers?

Yuriy Zavorotniy • 4 years, 5 months agologin to reply

Everything is correct. Please pay attention to the power next to 10. They are different and can cause the confusion. Thank you. Yuriy

Curtis Sower • 3 years, 8 months agologin to reply

I believe that question #7 on the Chapter Questions is worded incorrectly, unless I'm interpreting it wrong. The last word should state "positive". The original negative versus positive convention applied to various combinations of objects rubbed together to produce what we now call static electricity is due to Benjamin Franklin around 1750. The glass rod loses electrons therefore making it positive. The silk cloth gains electrons, therefore making it negative. Franklin was the first to explain that if there is an excess buildup of charge on one item, such as a glass rod, it must be exactly balanced by a lack of charge on another item, such as the silk cloth. Therefore – electric charge is conserved.

Yuriy Zavorotniy • 3 years, 8 months agologin to reply

Curtis, Thank you very much for the comment, you are absolutely right. It is fixed now. Yuriy

Cathleen Taylor • 5 months agologin to reply

Reading quiz 1 forms A and B have 2 errors. Questions 4 and 5 (0n both) say two answers however neither question requires two answers, unless the distractors are reworded. While the forms are obviouslt editable by the user, if you use it as is (which I did) it will create confusion for the students.

John Ennis • 5 months agologin to reply

Cathy, Absolutely correct, thanks for the fix! John

John Ennis • 5 months agologin to reply

New Quizzes uploaded.

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