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A New Pathway for ESPs to Become Teachers

At a time when New Jersey needs many more teachers, especially teachers of science and mathematics, we need to create pathways for those who love working with children to become teachers.

Source: NJEA Review: May 2023

Building Your STEM Teacher Workforce from Within

Is there a STEM teacher shortage in your district? NJCTL offers numerous staffing solutions to help you effectively and affordably address these unfilled vacancies now and in the future.

Source: NJPSA Educational Viewpoints: April 21, 2023

NJ Schools are Struggling to fill vacancies for Math, Science and Technology Teachers

NJCTL helps districts fill critical teacher shortages.

Source: nj.com: May 20, 2022

Creating the Teachers We Need to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Affluent schools will always attract the teachers they need, leaving students in high-poverty schools to do without.  This is especially true of STEM teachers, leaving too few students studying challenging subjects in science and math. NJCTL's add-on endorsement programs can help meet this urgent need for teachers in STEM areas.

Source: nj.com: September 21, 2021

Bergen County Technical High School Ranks as One of the Top STEM High Schools for 2020

The birthplace of PSI Physics is ranked the #13 STEM high school in the U.S. and #1 STEM high school in NJ.

Newsweek: November 12, 2019

Online Education as a New Teacher Training Paradigm in Africa

NJCTL's Executive Director, Dr. Robert (Bob) Goodman's concept paper on the use of online courses for professional development in Africa.

A Ten-Year Review of a New Jersey Science and Mathematics Teacher Endorsement Program

NJCTL's Executive Director, Dr. Robert (Bob) Goodman provides a comprehensive look at NJCTL's progress to date, and our potential to provide a scalable solution to the broader STEM crisis in the future.

New Jersey Principals and Superintendents Association (NJPSA) Educational Viewpoints, Spring 2019

Alternative Training Programs Can Help Solve the Teacher Shortage

By retraining mid-career teachers to enable them to teach physics and chemistry, NJCTL is helping to solve the teacher shortage in these subject areas and improving the level of diversity in the future scientific workforce by providing classroom role models.

Education Dive: January 22, 2018

More black and Hispanic science teachers could mean more scientists of color

NJCTL's alternative training program gets more black, Latino and women teachers into science classrooms.

Hechinger Report: January 17, 2018

Looking for Leaders in Physics Education?  Try New Jersey. 

Schools in New Jersey are changing the order of the science sequence in high school and recruiting more teacher.  The result is getting more diverse students access to physics.  And they like it. 

The Christian Science Monitor: July 12, 2017

TEACHER VOICE: What if instead of the voucher battle, we gave all of the nation’s children a top STEM education

Dr. Bob Goodman provides "a simple, scalable solution that leverages easily accessible modern technology to develop the STEM skill set that our students need now — a solution that engenders collaborative problem-solving, cognitive flexibility and the kind of innovative thinking that is grounded in sound assumptions and reasoning."

HechingerReport.org: June 26, 2017

A new approach is transforming science and math learning in The Gambia

NJCTL's PSI-PMI approach was tested in Gambia.  It can provide some answers to the future of science and mathematics education in schools across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Worldbank.org: June 15, 2017

Helping Students Learn to Love Math Through Science

Pleasantville High School's teacher Robyn LaTorre joined NJCTL's Physics Endorsement Program in June 2016. Read about how her students learned to change their mindsets, make deep connections to math, and how she adapted the curriculum for use in her classroom.

GettingSmart.com: April 29, 2017

Online Physics Courses for Teachers Provide a Path to Endorsement

At the NJEA Convention, NJCTL announced five online courses for teachers. The courses can be taken anytime, anywhere. They will allow teachers everywhere in New Jersey, the United States, and around the world to benefit from NJCTL's core programs of PSI and PMI. NJCTL partnered with Colorado State University - Global Campus to provide graduate credits as well as a pathway to a Master of Science Degree in Teaching and Learning.

NJEA Review: February 2017

The Time Has Come for a (Simple, Scalable) STEM Revolution

What if our goal was actually to empower every American student with the life-changing impact of strong skills in mathematics and science, rather than to winnow out the elite few? The opportunity for our students to collaboratively improve the future of our world may have truly unlimited potential.

Huffington Post: January 25, 2017

Educating Mathematics and Science Students in Urban USA and Sub-Saharan Africa - Lessons Learned and Future Challenges

In this essay, Dr. Edward Friedman, Board Member of NJCTL and Professor Emeritus for Stevens institute of Technology, takes an in depth look at the challenges of implementing effective mathematics and science programs in urban America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Through a teach the teacher model that expanded from urban New Jersey to The Gambia, NJCTL has created a successful and scalable approach that should be of interest to the world community of science and mathematics educators.

Serdica Journal of Computing: January 2017

A Simple Solution to the STEM Crisis: Do We Have the Will to Lead the Way?

The key to making America greater may not lie in harkening back to a race and gender-biased past, but rather in harnessing the strength of our collective brainpower to build a globally competitive future.

Huffington Post: September 27, 2016

N.J. Program Fast Tracks New Physics Teachers

The Professional Development Program run by the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning is now producing more physics teachers annually than any preservice program in the country. Along with changing when and how physics is taught, NJCTL is also working to change the demographics of who is teaching it. About half of the teachers who've been trained in physics through NJCTL are women and a third are black or Hispanic.

Education Week: July 27, 2016

Are High Schools Teaching Science Backwards?

"Changing the order in which science courses are taken and the way they're delivered can lead to profound differences in both STEM interest and achievement," says Robert Goodman

eschoolnews.com : July 26, 2016

Should Schools Think of Physics as the Gateway to STEM Careers?

The nation is becoming preoccupied with offering STEM opportunities to students, but Goodman says short camps and after school clubs are not going to prepare students for an engineering career. "There is a pyramid to all of this," Goodman said. "If you can't do math, you can't be a scientist or engineer. Physics is the next step up."

Educationdive.com: July 11, 2016

NJEA and NJCTL Opening Access to STEM Careers in Camden

A firm belief that economically disadvantaged and underserved minority students should have equal access to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) drives much of the work of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL).  This year, Camden adopted NJCTL's Progressive Science Initiative, enrolling all 9th graders in algebra-based physics.

NJEA Review: March 2016

Physics for All: How U.S. Can Start Catching Up With Rest Of The World

In most of the developed world, all students all expected to study physics in secondary school. About 30% of American high school graduates have completed a course in physics.   Edward A. Friedman, Professor Emeritus of Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology, describes how The Progressive Science Initiative® (PSI®) developed by Bob Goodman of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL) is a successful model for meeting the U.S. Physics education challenge.  

Black Star News: Mar 2, 2016

Schools switch sciences to offer physics first

The Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District will begin offering the Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) algebra-based physics to freshmen next year at its three high schools. Egg Harbor City, which sends students to Cedar Creek High School, has revamped its middle school program so that students will be better prepared.

AC Press: Mar 1, 2016


NJ Teacher Charts the Way Forward for STEM Education

Dr. Robert Goodman was never supposed to be a physics teacher. As far back as high school, his own teachers told him he didn’t have the aptitude for what we now call STEM. After graduating from MIT graduate, he then went on to be the CEO of two companies, and now teaches physics in New Jersey. He’s also the director of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, which has emerged as a premier program not just for teaching physics, and advancing STEM education, but helping teachers become STEM educators.   

CivSource online: Feb 26, 2016

Bringing STEM within Reach of All Students

Bob Goodman describes his unique approach to STEM learning and his belief that majoring in STEM subjects would be within reach for all students.Bringing STEM within Reach of All Students

Black Enterprise.com Feb 22, 2016




Rev. Al Sharpton in Trenton: “STEM Education is a Civil Rights Issue."

The national spotlight was on PSI Physics and the Trenton School District on May 6 when the National Education Association, New Jersey Education Association and the National Action Network brought the White House Initiative on Education Excellence for African Americans (WHIEEAA) to visit 9th grade physics classrooms in Trenton NJ and talk to students and educators.

NJ.Com May 6, 2015


Bergen County Technical School, Birthplace of PSI Physics, Tops Lists of Nation’s Best Schools

PSI Physics began in one classroom in 1999 at Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, NJ.

k12.niche.com   Sep 25, 2015

NJCTL Named as Partner in 100Kin10, National Network to Grow STEM Teaching Force

100Kin10, a national network fueling the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers today announced that the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL) has been accepted as a partner.

NJCTL Press Release: Jan 30, 2015

Physics for All

Learn how Dr. Robert Goodman started teaching Physics first, why it is so important, and how you can start.

New Jersey Board Associations: July/Aug. 2014

NJCTL – The #1 Producer of U.S. Physics Teachers

The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, an independent nonprofit, surpasses all U.S. colleges and universities in creating physics teachers.

 NJCTL Press Release: Jan 29, 2014

NEA Chief Praises New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning as a Model of Teacher Initiated Education Reform

The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning® (NJCTL) has been singled out as an exemplar for the members of the world’s largest professional education association.

NEA: July 19, 2013

East Orange STEM Academy uses Physics to Take a Giant Leap

City High School Now Among the Top in the State for Students Enrolled in Advanced Placement Physics

NJCTL Press Release: April 18, 2013

The new “new math” mystifies parents

An article in the Asbury Park Press discusses the changes to math instruction. NJCTL's own Melissa Axelsson and Robert Goodman are featured in the article.

Asbury Park Press: Sep 19, 2012

PSI Across the Atlantic

At Woodstown High School, students in Patrick Chestnut’s PSI Physics class chatted with students in the Republic of Gambia, located in Western Africa, and exchanged stories about life as a student in a country on the other side of the planet via Skype.

NJ.com: Apr 12, 2013

Clark 7th Grade Students Learn from Each Other

Students and teachers using Progressive Mathematics Initiative at Clark's Carl H. Kumpf Middle School.

NJToday.net: Dec 1, 2012

PSI-PMI Training in Gambia has begun!

The Gambian Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in collaboration with the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL) has begun training 48 teachers in Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) and Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI), two innovative instructional programs developed by NJCTL that are expected to enhance the capacities of the teachers in these critical subjects.

The Daily Observer: Aug 27, 2012

Perth Amboy Schools to Implement New Science, Math Initiative

The city will be the first school district in the state to adopt an innovative approach to science and mathematics education created by the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning.

MyCentralJersey.com: Aug 13, 2012

New Law to Address Shortage of Teachers in Math and Sciences

A pilot program pioneered by the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning to help reduce teacher shortages primarily in math and science was made permanent under legislation recently signed into law.

NJCTL Press Release: Jun 5, 2012

New technology and teacher training gets Englewood students excited about math

Read the latest NJEA Review article about how Englewood math teachers are implementing PMI in their classrooms this year.

NJEA Review: Apr 2012

“New Jersey approach" earns international award

The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL) recently won a Gold Award in a worldwide education competition at the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards.  The Learning Impact Awards recognizes the work of NJCTL in advancing mathematics and science education. 

NJEA.org: May 25, 2011

New Jersey teachers shift to physics to address shortage

The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, which was started by the New Jersey Education Association, this summer began a teacher training program with Kean University called the Progressive Science Initiative. It is one of several programs around the state working to fast-track math and science teachers.

The Star Ledger: Oct 24, 2009

Senator Robert Bennett: “Technology can change education"

Former Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) publishes a column on the nature of the STEM crisis in the United States and how PSI-PMI presents a solution to this problem as he saw on his visit to Malcolm X. Shabazz High School and Technology High School in the district of Newark Public Schools.  

Desert News: Apr 23, 2012

Newark Students Demonstrate Dramatic Gains in Algebra Scores

Students taking the Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) algebra based physics course, instead of a non-physics science course, along with Algebra I, outscored their peers. On average, PSI students scored 44 points higher on the End of Course test.

NJCTL Press Release: Mar 25, 2011

The Gateway to the Future for Science Education

The Nation has cause for concern over student performance in science education, according to the 2009 NAEP results released this week. The report revealed that only 21% of the 12th graders tested performed at or above the proficiency level in science. NJCTL Director Dr. Robert Goodman explains “that for students to be internationally competitive in science, they need access to more advanced science courses, including physics.”

NJCTL Press Release: Jan 31, 2011

NJCTL's Progressive Science Initiative Impacts South America

Since its launch in 2009, NJCTL's Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) has impacted science education across New Jersey and now its reached South America.

NJCTL Press Release: Feb 8, 2011

NJCTL Identified as a High Quality Professional Development Organization in a Comprehensive, Nation-wide Study

According to a comprehensive, nation-wide study published by Learning Forward and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), the Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL) is an innovative professional development organization supporting teacher development in the areas of science and math education in New Jersey.

NJCTL Press Release: Feb 1, 2011