Jun 20, 2019

Want to Take Your Students’ Classroom Experience to the Next Level This Fall?

Are you a high school math teacher? Almost all  of our high school mathematics courses including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Precalculus have been thoroughly revised over the past year and all of our new materials are now ready for you to use at NJCTL.org. Precalculus has benefitted from a particularly big focus in recent months; we’re pleased to share with you that the entire course structure has been refreshed.

We’ve also been making key updates for those of you who teach middle school science. All of our NJCTL presentations for Physical Environment, Living Environment, and Mathematical Physics have been reviewed and revised. Major revisions to Mathematical Physics include the addition of solution tabs and additional high-impact slides on electric and magnetic fields.  Living Environment presentations now include embedded phenomena-centered WebQuests termed “Real-World Explorations” from ck12.org. These WebQuests are editable and can be directly linked to Google Classroom;  here’s one used in Living Environment’s Prokaryotes presentation.

We have also copyedited and consistently formatted student files across all middle school courses.

We invite you to check them out, and as always to provide any suggestions you may have to continue to improve our offerings!