Jan 02, 2019

Top NJCTL Teaching Tip for January: Consider Using Google Classroom®

Teachers in Black Horse Pike Regional School District are now teaching 9th grade Algebra-based Physics using Google Classroom®, Google Docs® and Chromebooks.

There are many advantages to this new approach. Rather than having to print out their presentations for their students, these teachers can now share PDFs of their presentations with their students just as they present them on their Smart Boards.  Additionally, students can use their Chromebooks to complete and turn in their homework assignments anytime and anywhere. Online access to the course materials can provide extra support for students who take a little longer to understand the content.  

Teacher Linda Lance said, “By having the Chromebooks, the students always have access to all of the necessary work for their classes, as we can upload the presentations to Google Classroom as well as all of the problem sets and labs. 

On a regular basis, we are using the student Chromebooks as responders through the use of TurningPoint®, which is allowing us to gain immediate feedback on student understanding and allows us to remediate as needed on the spot.  Having access to Chromebooks also allows us to provide students with supplemental experiences such as simulations and online labs to better help them understand the material that is being taught. This also enables students to complete make-up labs when they have been absent or on home instruction.” 

Google Classroom can be used as a teaching tool wherever all students have online access and/or their own devices.

If you have questions about how you could use this in your own classroom please email info@njctl.org