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Sep 18, 2020

Teacher-Facilitated Moodle Course Information for Teachers

For those using our Teacher-Facilitated Moodle online courses for their students, resources are available to help with implementation.

Information for Teachers

The video below will help you navigate the Moodle platform (advance to time listed for each topic):

  • Logging in through www.njctl.org and connecting to the Moodle platform (0:31)

  • Toggling between groups of students and viewing the completion progress bar (1:16)

  • Assigning and grading labs (10:00)

  • Using the Moodle gradebook and transferring grades to your gradebook (24:20)

  • Viewing individual student information (43:40)

  • Exporting grades (45:18)

  • Reviewing mastery exercises data (48:09)

Information for Students

For information on how to log in and navigate within Moodle, make a copy and share this this Google Doc with your students. It includes both written directions and short videos.


This video shows how to turn on subtitles in different languages while viewing videos in Moodle.


For information on how to upload a PDF file for lab submissions, make a copy and share this Google Doc with your students. 



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