Sep 24, 2019

Students Have Spoken!

The time to educate students about climate change is NOW.  This week may be a particularly good time to start, in the wake of the student-led Global Climate Strike and as the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 takes place.

Truly understanding the reasons for climate change requires learning about numerous complex and closely woven systems, and humanity’s many layers of impact.  Climate change isn’t something that can be easily explained or understood, but we have created two year-long courses of study, designed to be taught as middle school science courses, that do just that.

Physical Environment explains how the planet works and why it is warming, and Living Environment traces the chemical processes that predate life, through the plants and animal life we now see around us.

The good news is that rigorous scientific study takes the “belief” out of climate change, and lets the facts speak for themselves.  These phenomenon-based courses also position creatively-minded students to begin to ideate solutions to elements of the crisis.

This information is more vital than ever, as today’s students will become the leaders who will need to make educated decisions to support our planet’s ability to sustain life.

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