May 15, 2019

A Record Number of Teachers to Earn New Endorsements with NJCTL in 2019!

We are pleased to report that NJCTL is on track to graduate a record number of new endorsement earners this year. An extraordinary number of 64 teachers are filling vacancies in crucial STEM subjects in the fall.  This includes 33 new physics teachers and 24 new chemistry teachers, in addition to the seven new math teachers who will comprise our first graduating class in this subject.

In total over the past 10 years, 346 will have completed an NJCTL endorsement program by August 2019. Teachers in our endorsement programs are more diverse than are those of traditional programs. Of our alumni and currently enrolled teachers, 55% are female, 16% are Black and 11% are Hispanic.

To put these numbers in perspective, there are few institutions of higher learning that graduate five or more new physics teachers a year!  You can see why NJCTL is #1.

We are very proud of these graduating teachers’ hard work, and when you think of the number of students each of them will reach, the impact of their achievement is truly inspiring.  

To learn more about our NJ Teacher Endorsement Programs click here.