Jan 08, 2018

Online PD Explores Improving Algebra I Readiness and Outcomes

Is improving your student’s Algebra I readiness and outcomes one of your New Year's resolutions?  CTL’s Progressive Math Initiative (PMI) professional development team can help you with that!  We're offering a free webinar to kick off 2018, on January 17th at 2 pm, "Improving Algebra I Readiness and Outcomes." In this session you will hear from our Executive Director, and 2006 NJ State Teacher of the Year, Dr. Robert Goodman.  Dr. Goodman will share tried and proven research based methods and strategies to improve Algebra I Readiness and Outcomes on High Stakes Assessments in kindergarten through 9th grades.  Learn how to implement 8th grade Mathematical Physics and 9th grade Algebra-Based Physics and how using these science courses increases the amount of math instruction students receive and the real world applications to algebra they experience.  Not only have these strategies proven effective in traditionally high-performing and low-performing districts alike, they are cost effective and manageable to implement!

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

This session is suitable for Superintendents, Principals, Curriculum Directors, Science & Math Supervisors, Federal Program Directors, Math Teachers and Science Teachers who want to learn about improving student success in Algebra I and ultimately getting more students to successfully complete Calculus before high school graduation!  You don't need to be a math expert to empower your team to make huge strides in Algebra !!!   Register today and join us on January 17th.

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     January 17th, 2018
     2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST

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