Jan 02, 2019

Ofrecemos Cursos en Español!

Check out our courses in Spanish at https://njctl.org/courses/!  We provide a broad range of fully translated course materials – everything you need to teach Spanish-speaking students K-8th grade mathematics, as well as high school level courses including physics, chemistry, biology, Algebra I and Geometry.  And, more middle school science courses are now being translated.

How did this come to be?

Five years ago, NJCTL began working with a teacher in Argentina named Edith Rojas, as part of our “Sister Schools” project, where Argentinian teachers and students collaborated with their counterparts in New Jersey classrooms 12,000 km away!

Edith had a strong background in teaching science, from elementary through post-graduate education, as well as an enthusiastic appreciation for NJCTL’s offerings.  She became a natural choice to spearhead NJCTL’s Spanish translation team.

In her own words:

“I love very much working with NJCTL because their teaching materials are amazing. They are very well written, and they are very accurate from a scientific point of view. They are also easy to use and useful to teach.   I feel that I can continue learning sciences and I can remember concepts as I translate too. And not only these materials are accurate from a scientific point of view, but also from the didactic. These materials are truly focused on the student, the role of the teacher is not only instruction, but also guidance. The materials keep focused on the Vygotsky’s Principles of social interaction and the structure of interaction from teacher to student.”

Thanks to the work of Edith and her translation team, you can access NJCTL course materials in Spanish for math here and for science here.