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Nov 07, 2022

NJEA Convention 2022


We hope to see you at the NJEA Convention November 10-11.

Visit us at booth #1925.

Below are the in-person workshops we will be presenting,

We look forward to seeing you!



Calculus: It's As Easy As Pi! Thursday 11-12:30, Room 316

NJCTL’s interactive workshop with new insights and approaches to teaching Calculus, including hands-on virtual labs, as well as new techniques to teaching and explaining Calculus concepts. www.njctl.org/math/ (Presenter: Audra Crist)


NJCTL’s Free Science and Math Resources: Tools at Your Fingertips Thursday 1-2:30, Room 317

Use NJCTL’s K-AP free science and math materials to remediate and advance your students' learning. All grade levels and content topics are covered and easily accessible and available at www.njctl.org/materials/  Presenters: Susan Olszewski & Kristin DeAngelis


Computer Science: Best Practices & Strategies for High School Thursday 1-2:30, Room 316

Learn about NJCTL’s free, CollegeBoard Endorsed AP CS Principles and AP CSA curricula, including CodeIt Now activities, virtual labs, assessments, and unit plans. Materials available at: www.njctl.org/compsci/  Presenters: Katy Goodman & Ian Fallstich


Computer Science: Enhancing Your Curriculum with Free Resources  Fri 11-12:30, Room 316

NJCTL’s online, web-based programming environments are designed for all levels of computer science. Teachers will receive a new tool and materials to introduce or advance computer science curriculum. www.njctl.org/compsci/ Presenters: Katy Goodman & Ian Fallstich


Elementary Mathematics: Problem Solving Strategies Friday 1-2:30, Room 316

Learn NJCTL’s successful strategies for asking questions that guide students to discover the correct answer. Encourage students to talk about HOW they solve open ended math problems. www.njctl.org/math/ Presenters: Susan Olszewski & Kristin DeAngelis


NJCTL’s Free 6-12 Grade Science and Math Resources: Flipped Classroom Friday 1-2:30, Room 417

Learn how to use these resources to set up a “flipped classroom” where the students watch the instructional videos at home and class time is used for problem solving. www.njctl.org/materials/ Presenters: Melissa Axelsson & Audra Crist

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