Apr 17, 2018

NJ Mathematics Scholarship Opportunity

Thanks to the generous support of the New Jersey Education Association, NJCTL is pleased to be able to offer up to 10 scholarships to current NJ teachers who would like to earn their endorsement to teach Middle School Mathematics or Mathematics K-12, with each scholarship worth up to $4,000 and $6,000 respectively.  

This scholarship is part of a program established to provide support to teachers who are interested in expanding their knowledge, skills and professional credentials but may not be in a school district with the capacity to directly offer them the financial support they need to do that.

The deadline to apply is May 10, 2018. To apply complete the following requirements:

  • Complete the endorsement program application, including the submission of a copy of NJ Standard Certificate - http://njc.tl/1bq
  • An essay of 500 words or less answering the question: "Why do you want to earn your mathematics endorsement?"
  • A letter of recommendation from your principal or supervisor explaining why you would be a good candidate.
  • A letter from your principal committing to schedule you to teach at least one section of PMI Mathematics Grades 5-8 (including 8th Grade PMI Algebra I) for the Middle School Mathematics Endorsement Program or PMI Algebra for the Mathematics K-12 Endorsement Program for the duration of the 2018-19 school year. Please note that teaching mathematics field experience can be completed as part of a co-teaching environment.
  • Signed Field Experience Video Release:  Middle School Mathematics Teacher Release  or Mathematics K-12 Teacher Release

Please send your completed essay, required letters and video release to:  info@njctl.org

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