Nov 14, 2019

NJ DOE Computer Science For All Grant Opportunity

Governor Murphy recently announced second-year funding for the Computer Science For All Grant (CS4All). This grant could provide your district funding to launch AP Computer Science A (AP CS A) during the 2020-21 school year.  
Last year, NJCTL partnered with a number of districts to develop CS4All grant proposals. Ten partner districts were funded, which allowed them to begin training twenty-nine teachers last summer, using NJCTL online courses for teachers. Those teachers began teaching AP CS A to their students in September, using NJCTL free classroom teaching materials.
This year’s grant applications are due by December 19, 2019. A technical assistance workshop is scheduled for November 22, 2019. Here is the Notice of Grant Opportunity.
If you are interested in applying for a grant, NJCTL would welcome the opportunity to support your efforts with:

Teacher training is delivered online through asynchronous, learner-centered courses which require no prior CS experience and include: 

  • -Teaching methods
  • -AP CS A content and how to teach it
  • -Coached field experience to support first year AP CS A teachers

Teachers and their students will have access to free, editable classroom teaching materials including presentations (replacing the need for a textbook), classwork-homework, activities, projects, assessments, unit plans, and an AP-aligned syllabus.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership, please contact us by filling out the form at this link or email

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