Mar 12, 2019

New Jersey Takes the Lead in National AP Physics Exam Achievement

NJCTL recently sponsored a Hanover Research Report that analyzed trends in students’ Advanced Placement (AP) physics exam performance between 2009 and 2018.

In 2009, we set out to dramatically increase the number of physics teachers in New Jersey so that many more students would have access to further study in the sciences, as well as to provide substantially greater access for all students to AP-level physics and prepare them for STEM careers.

By June of this year, 280 teachers will have completed our program to become physics teachers, which has significantly increased the number of physics teachers throughout the state. We believe that increasing the number of qualified teachers in physics, chemistry and mathematics increases both student participation and performance in those subjects.

We are pleased to report that New Jersey has now ranked #1, in terms of total score, on overall AP Physics performance every year since 2015.  (Total score is defined as the mean score times the number of test-takers, divided by the number of individuals aged 15 to 19 in each state.) Both student participation and test results in AP Physics can be seen as objective indicators of how schools are trending over time in preparing students for advanced study in physics.

It’s also worth noting that, since 2009, when NJCTL began producing physics teachers, New Jersey has ranked second in the growth of its total AP Physics scores...becoming #1 in 2015 and retaining that position ever since.

Governor Murphy shared his perspective on these results: “I’m extremely proud that New Jersey students ranked first in the nation for their total score on AP Physics exams. I am committed to continuing our efforts to promote STEM education and build a skilled workforce for the 21st-century economy.” 

Now, NJCTL courses can be taken online, at your own pace, which means teachers far beyond New Jersey, with any academic background, can learn physics, chemistry or mathematics and how to teach it with our course of study.  You can advance your career and help solve the crisis-level shortage of teachers in these fields wherever you live!

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