Nov 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday

Rafik Abdulah is an 11th grade student at Trenton Central. He is an amazing young man with a can-do attitude.

When Rafik was in 9th grade PSI Physics he started talking about his physics teacher and he first gave us a huge smile!

He said: "I wasn't sure about PSI Physics, but I knew I was good in math. So when I first came to her class, my teacher walked me through everything with these great tools she gave me. So once I was able to look at physics as if it were math, it helped me understand it all."

Rafik added: "My teacher supports me. She sees me. When I'm struggling, she'll talk to me. She taught me to get into a 'do-now' attitude. Then I sit down and think 'do-now'. It makes me feel like I can do it. And then I just did it!"

"Now, physics became easy to me. Because of a teacher who is always there for you. That's the best support system in school."

Rafik is such an inspiration, just like you as a teacher are an inspiration to others like him, every day!

Isn't the best reward to know that you've made an impact on a child's life?

So, as we're giving thanks this holiday season, I'd like to let you know how grateful we are that you've chosen the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning to help you with the tools you need to continue to do such important work: educating children.

And we'd like to continue to help you make a difference to many more children. But to make sure we keep up to date with the right tools that make your life as a teacher easier, and that make PSI physics, science and PMI math easier for the kids, help us to raise $50,000 by the end of this year. 

Will you help us reach that goal with a special gift today?

As you may know, just like Rafik, we have adopted a 'do-now' attitude when it comes to always innovating and bringing updated tools to the table. Assessment questions, presentation slides, or demo recordings, and more... 

All are aimed at making math, physics and science easier so you as a teacher succeed. But we can only do what we do with your help and that of others like you. 

Will you say "Yes I can-do-now" with a holiday donation today?

Your gift in any amount will help us create the right tools for you and other teachers so kids like Rafik can succeed.

Thank you! Wishing you and yours a great holiday.

Melissa Axelsson
Director NJCTL

P.S.: Thank you for considering a donation so that you and other teachers will continue to have the tools you need to make a difference to kids, each and every day.

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