Sep 24, 2019

Cool New Tech Hacks


Did you know that there is an internet-based way to conduct student polling for the embedded formative assessment questions in our PSI® and PMI® presentations? If all of your students have access to devices such as Chromebooks, smartphones or tablets, you can create a free account at 

Also, because your students have access to the formative assessment questions in each presentation, there is no need for you to input your questions into Socrative. Just create “blank” multiple choice questions that you can then add from your smartphone as “quick questions” to collect your students’ responses and display the results anonymously to the class. Then, you can have the students debate and discuss their answers to decide on the correct answer.


Many of our PSI and PMI units have incorporated PhET simulations. Did you know that PhET is now converting many of these simulations to HTML, making them accessible on any device? This is particularly helpful for those educators who have Chromebooks or iPads, which do not run Java.

Here are some great new examples:

Masses and Springs Simulations

Equal Fractions