Jul 24, 2019

Are NJCTL’s Endorsement Graduates Positioning New Jersey as #1 in Physics and #2 in Chemistry?

In 2009, NJCTL set out to dramatically increase the number of physics and chemistry teachers in New Jersey so that many more students would have access to those subjects, better preparing them for STEM careers.  The first teachers completed the NJCTL physics endorsement program in June 2010 and the chemistry endorsement program in 2011. By the end of the summer, NJCTL will have produced 269 physics teachers and 70 chemistry teachers.  

 NJCTL’s original hypothesis was that increasing the number of qualified teachers in physics and chemistry would increase student achievement in both subjects. A recent Hanover Research Report supports the power of that hypothesis.

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy said, “New Jersey is proud of our growing number of teachers who have earned their physics and chemistry endorsements, and we take great pride in their students who consistently perform at the highest levels in the country in both physics and chemistry.”

Now we are excited to be training our first cohort of endorsement graduates in mathematics!  NJCTL is inspired by the efforts and impact of everyone with whom we work.

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