Helping you teach remotely
every step of the way

No need to stress about how to teach math and science remotely.
No need to reinvent the wheel by piecing together materials from
multiple places...or worry how you'll assess students.

Content + Pedagogy + Assessment ----- NJCTL has you covered.

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We are fellow classroom teachers experienced in remote learning, here
to support you every step of the way

Step #1 - Free K-12 Teaching Materials

Editable. Comprehensive. Aligned.

Supports Live Instruction. Printable Materials.

We provide everything you need to teach K-12 and AP science, mathematics, and computer science so you can focus on teaching and supporting students, rather than reinventing the wheel with endless prep. Our materials are completely editable, so you can also add your favorite supplemental resources along the way and tailor the course to meet the needs of your students.

Live remote instruction is suported by our digital presentations that interweave brief direct instruction with sets of formative assessment questions to create a social constructivist setting.  Formative assessment is critical to learning, but it’s impractical for individual teachers to write the needed 500+ questions per course. Our team of teachers have taken on that challenge for you.

Ancillary materials, like homework, classwork, labs, etc. can be downloaded and used on student devices or printed out. These files can also be posted or linked to in Google Classroom or the school’s LMS.

For students without technology at home, materials can be printed out and sent to them.

Our broad range of free, editable materials and resources include:

  • Editable digital presentations that replace the need for textbooks and contain direct instruction with embedded formative assessment questions.
  • Unit plans that contain everything you need for lesson planning including standards, essential questions, formative & summative assessments, labs, and day-by-day instructional sequence.
  • Classwork, homework, and assessments that align directly to your instruction.
  • Physical and virtual labs with instructions for students and instructors.

Our horizontally aligned science and mathematics courses allow your students to use grade-level mathematics in the context of their science courses and vice-versa.  Their vertical alignment ensures year-to-year coherence.

To access these resources, click here.

Step #2 - Free Student Self-Study Courses

Online and Asynchronous. Learner-centered.

Students with devices and Internet access can be enrolled in our online, asynchronous courses. These comprehensive courses are based on the same classes NJCTL uses to teach subject-area content to teachers as part of our teacher endorsement programs. They include everything a student needs to learn Middle School mathematics; High School physics, chemistry and mathematics; and AP physics, chemistry and computer science. A full list of courses is available here.


Each topic is taught in a learner-centered constructivist environment through a sequence of direct instruction videos, formative assessment, automatic feedback on each student answer, and a video showing how to solve each attempted problem. Courses also include self-scoring multiple-choice quizzes, virtual labs, and links to classwork and homework. Students move asynchronously through the course submitting requested documents to the teacher to show their progress.


These are designed to be self-study courses for individual students. Teachers could use them in conjunction with their LMS. NJCTL is offering these courses for free until June 30, 2020.


Click on the links below to learn more:

General questions? Please write to:

Technical questions? Please write to:

Step #3 - Teacher Facilitated Student Courses

Online and Asynchronous. Learner-Centered.
Monitor student progress, grades and activity. Discussion Board and

For those teachers who want oversight of their students’ individual progress, NJCTL is offering teacher-facilitated courses. These courses include:

  • An overview page to show student progress, grades and last login.
  • A grade book which includes auto-generated scores for mastery exercises.
  • Capability for online submissions of virtual labs and assignments.
  • Teacher-facilitated discussion boards and direct messaging with students.

For each teacher, NJCTL will set up courses on its platform, as well as provide training and ongoing support.

In order to offset direct expense, NJCTL needs to charge for initial setup and on-going support.


Cost Per Teacher:

  • $150 for first class of up to 30 students
  • $50 for each additional class 
    • For more information or to sign up click here.