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Number System Unit


This section links together the PMI units that cover the Common Core Domain NS (The Number System). It also lists the sections in each unit, along with the Common Core Standards covered.

Fraction and Decimal Computation - Sixth Grade
• Fraction Division 6.NS.1
• Fraction Operations Mixed Applications 6.NS.1
• Long Division Review 6.NS.2
• Adding Decimals 6.NS.3
• Subtracting Decimals 6.NS.3
• Distributive Property & Product of Decimals 6.NS.3
• Multiplying Decimals 6.NS.3
• Dividing Decimals (Terminating) 6.NS.3
• Dividing Decimals (Repeating) 6.NS.3


Factors & Multiples - Sixth Grade
• Greatest Common Factor 6.NS.4
• Least Common Multiple 6.NS.4
• GCF & LCM Word Problems 6.NS.4


Numbers & Operations - Sixth Grade
• Addition, Natural Numbers & Whole Numbers 6.NS.5
• Addition, Subtraction and Integers 6.NS.5
• Multiplication, Division and Rational Numbers 6.NS.5
• Absolute Value 6.NS.7
• Comparing Integers 6.NS.7
• Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers 6.NS.7
• Exponents 6.NS.5
• Real Numbers 6.NS.5


Numbers & Operations - Seventh Grade
• Addition, Natural Numbers & Whole Numbers 7.NS.1
• Addition, Subtraction and Integers 7.NS.1
• Addition and Subtraction of Integers 7.NS.1
• Multiplication and Division of Integers 7.NS.2
• Operations with Rational Numbers 7.NS.3
• Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers 7.NS.1
• Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers 7.NS.3
• Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers 7.NS.2
• Converting Rational Numbers to Decimals 7.NS.2
• Exponents 7.NS.1
• Real Numbers 7.NS.1


Numbers & Operations - Eighth Grade
• Natural Numbers & Whole Numbers 8.NS.1
• Addition, Subtraction & Integers 8.NS.1
• Multiplication & Division of Integers 8.NS.1
• Operations w/ Rational Numbers 8.NS.1
• Converting Repeating Decimals to Fractions 8.NS.1


Real Numbers - Eighth Grade
• Converting Repeating Decimals to Fractions 8.NS.1
• Rational, Irrational & Real Numbers 8.NS.1
• Approximating Square Roots 8.NS.2


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