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Measurement and Data Unit


This section links together the PMI units that cover the Common Core Domain MD (Measurement and Data). It also lists the sections in each unit, along with the Common Core Standards covered.


Calendar Math – Kindergarten
• Daily Schedule Routine K.MD.3
• Temperature and Weather Routine K.MD.3
• Attendance Routine K.MD.3


Data- Kindergarten
• Sorting Introduction K.MD.3
• Classifying K.MD.3
• Sorting by Size K.MD.3
• Data Introduction K.MD.3
• Tally Charts K.MD.3
• Pictographs K.MD.3
• Vertical Graphs K.MD.3
• Horizontal Graph K.MD.3
• Graphing Survey Data K.MD.3
• Graphing without Lines K.MD.3


Measurement –Kindergarten
• Introduction to Measuring K.MD.1 & K.MD.2
• Non-Standard Units K.MD.1 & K.MD.2
• Standard Units K.MD.1 & K.MD.2
• Comparing Volume K.MD.1 & K.MD.2
• How Much Can I Hold? K.MD.1 & K.MD.2
• More/Less Volume K.MD.1 & K.MD.2
• Weight K.MD.1 & K.MD.2


Calendar Math – First Grade
• Time 1.MD.3


Time – First Grade
• Numbers on a Clock 1.MD.3
• The Hour Hand 1.MD.3
• The Minute Hand 1.MD.3
• Time to the Hour 1.MD.3
• Digital Time to the Hour 1.MD.3
• Time to the Half-Hour 1.MD.3
• Digital Time to the Half Hour 1.MD.3
• Combination of Time 1.MD.3


Length – First Grade
• Comparing Two Objects 1.MD.1
• Comparing Three Objects1.MD.1
• Using Blocks to Measure 1.MD.2
• Classroom Items to Measure 1.MD.2
• Using a "Ruler" to Measure 1.MD.2
• Using Our Body to Measure 1.MD.2
• Measuring in Feet 1.MD.2


Data – First Grade
• Tally Marks 1.MD.4
• Tally Chart 1.MD.4
• Pictographs 1.MD.4
• Bar Graphs 1.MD.4
• Collecting Data to Make Bar Graphs 1.MD.4
• How Many More? How Many Less? 1.MD.4
• Subtracting to Compare 1.MD.4


Length - Second Grade
• US Standard Units 2.MD.1
• Metric Units 2.MD.1
• Measuring in/cm 2.MD.2
• Measuring inches 2.MD.2
• Measuring Centimeters 2.MD.2
• Body Activity 2.MD.4 & 2.MD.5
• Using a Tape Measure 2.MD.1
• Measuring Feet 2.MD.6
• Measuring Yards 2.MD.5
• Estimation 2.MD.3
• Line Plots 2.MD.9


Time – Second Grade
• The Clock 2.MD.7
• AM/PM 2.MD.7
• Minutes 2.MD.7
• Reading Time 2.MD.7
• Hour Hand 2.MD.7


Money – Second Grade
• Coins 2.MD.8
• Counting Coins 2.MD.8
• Buying Items with Coins 2.MD.8
• Adding and Subtracting Coins 2.MD.8
• Coins Worth One Dollar 2.MD.8
• Application Problems 2.MD.8


Data- Second Grade
• Data and Graphs 2.MD.10
• Pictographs 2.MD.10
• Creating a Pictograph 2.MD.10
• Bar Graphs 2.MD.10


Multiplication – Third Grade
• Unit Squares and Tiling - Area of Squares 3.MD.5 & 3.MD.6
• Area of Rectangles 3.MD.7
• Area Word Problems 3.MD.7


Time, Volume and Mass – Third Grade
• Telling Time 3.MD.1
• Am PM 3.MD.1
• Elapsed Time 3.MD.1


Fractions – Third Grade
• Measurement to the Nearest Half and Quarter Inch 3.MD.4


Graphs – Third Grade
• Data and Graphs 3.MD.3
• Pictographs 3.MD.3
• Creating a Pictograph 3.MD.3
• Bar Graphs 3.MD.3
• Creating a Bar Graph 3.MD.3
• Line Plots 3.MD.3
• Creating a Line Plot 3.MD.3


Shapes and Perimeter - Third Grade
• Area 3.MD.6 & 3.MD.7
• Perimeter 3.MD.8


Measurement and Data –Fourth Grade
• Line Plots 4.MD.4
• Measurement Systems 4.MD.1 & 4.MD.2
• Conversions of Measurements 4.MD.1
• Problem Solving 4.MD.2


Geometry and Geometric Measurement – Fourth Grade
• Area of Rectangles 4.MD.3
• Perimeter of Rectangles 4.MD.3
• Area and Perimeter Word Problems 4.MD.3


Measurement and Data – Fifth Grade
• Measurement Conversions 5.MD.1
• Line Plots using Fractional Measurements 5.MD.2
• Volume of a Solid with Unit Cubes 5.MD.3 & 5.MD.4
• Volume Problem Solving 5.MD.5


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