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Derivatives Unit

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Derivatives:
The Tangent Line Problem
Instantaneous Rate of Change
The Definition of Derivative
The Alternate Form of Derivative Definition
Continuity vs. Differentiability
Derivative Rules: Power, Constant & Sum/Difference
Higher Order Derivatives

Chapter 2: Derivatives of Various Functions:
The Product Rule
The Quotient Rule
The Chain Rule
Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
Derivatives of Logarithms and e
Derivatives of Piecewise & Absolute Value Functions
Appendix of Proofs

Chapter 3: Using Derivatives for Tangent Lines, Normal Lines & Inverse Functions:
Equations of Tangent Lines
Horizontal Tangent Lines
Equations of Normal Lines
Derivatives of Inverse Functions
Interpreting Rules of Derivatives


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