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Christine Gloeckner • 3 years, 11 months agologin to reply

With the recent format change to your website, I am no longer able to print the slides for my students with 3 slides per page and lines to the right for taking notes. Is there any way that you can make that available again?

Audra Crist • 3 years, 11 months agologin to reply

Dear Ms. Gloeckner, Thank you for your comment. Do you have SMART Notebook? If so, you could also print multiple slides per page using the print menu options in this program. Start by pressing "File" -> "Print". Once you get to the Print Menu, you can elect to use "Thumbnails" (only the slides), or "Handouts" (slides w/ lines for students to write notes...this is what you're trying to print). Here is a list of the various size options that are available with the "Handouts" option: - Large = 1 slides per page - Medium = 2 slides per page - Small = 3 slides per page For your reference, here is a list of the various size options that are available with the "Thumbnails" option: - Full page = 1 slide per page - Large = 2 slides per page - Medium = 4 slides per page - Small = 6 slides per page If SMART Notebook is not available, you can open the presentation file labeled as PDF and print 3 slides aligned vertically on each page using the following options in the "File" -> "Print" menu: - Under "Page Sizing & Handling", select the "Multiple" option - > With "Pages per sheet", select "Custom" and the dimensions for what you are looking for are "1" by "3" - > With "Page Order", select "Vertical" - For "Orientation", you would like "Portrait" Now, this prints the 3 slides per page and centers them on the page. If you would like to print them aligned to the left side, you can use the options given below in the "File" -> "Print" menu: - In the "Pages to Print" option, select "Pages" and only 3 slides that you would like to print. - In "Paper Sizing & Handling", select "Multiple" - > for "Pages" per sheet, select "6". This aligns your 3 slides to the left & leaves space to the right (but no lines). - > for "page order", select "Vertical" If you use this option, you will need to repeat this process until you print all of the slides that you would like. For example, I could print slides 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, etc. until I finish with all of the slides that are needed. Also, no lines appear on the pages to be printed. Please feel free to email me directly with the information below if you would like more clarity and/or more visuals w/ either set of Print options. Kind regards, Audra Email:

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