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Statistics Course


Units (select a unit)

  • Introduction to Probability & Statistics
  • Regression & Displays
  • Discrete & Normal Probability Distributions
  • Advanced Probability & Statistics
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Hypothesis Testing


Bindu Pariyacheri • 1 year, 9 months agologin to reply

Is there AP Statistics ? There is nothing listed under the Teaching Materials link. Lots of schools are providing AP Stat these days .Please include materials for the same .

Maria Surace • 1 year, 9 months agologin to reply

Hello Bindu, Thank you for your feedback. We do not currently have an AP Statistics course but are working on adding that to our curricula in the future. Our current statistics materials include many of the same topics as AP and can help as a starting point for notes and classwork. Then, you can adapt the materials by creating AP-level problems when necessary. Best Regards, Maria

Bindu Pariyacheri • 1 year, 8 months agologin to reply

Thank you for your response .

Amadou Jallow • 1 year, 6 months agologin to reply

AP STATS materials are very handy!

Susan Olszewski • 1 year, 6 months agologin to reply

Wonderful! We're happy that you're finding them useful!

Chase Tolson • 7 months agologin to reply

Hello! Once again, thank you so much for these resources - they are extremely well done and helpful. I have two questions: 1) What are the differences in content between the Honors Statistics and AP Statistics courses? 2) Will there be an implementation resources tab added with midterm/final exams and a pacing guide? Thank you for your time! -Chase

Maria Surace • 7 months agologin to reply

Hi Chase, Thank you for your post, and I am glad you found the resources helpful. AP Statistics dives deeper into the concepts of confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. It also covers topics that are not in honors, like Chi-Squared and slope testing. Yes, the implementation resources will be posted in the next few months. I hope this information helps! If you have any other questions, please reach out. Best Maria

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