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Rwanda Senior 1 Maths Course


This is a course aligned to the Rwanda Senior 1 Mathematics Curriculum.
To access most course materials, click on the link provided within the unit.
Some units may have additional attachments added for alignment purposes.

Units (select a unit)

  • Unit 1 Sets
    Relations & Functions
    Domain & Range
    Evaluating Functions
    Combining & Composite Functions
    Intro to Inverse Functions
  • Unit 2 Sets of Numbers
    Topics Include:
    - Vocabularies and notation for different sets of numbers
    - Set of numbers and its subsets: natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, irrational numbers and real numbers
    - Four operations and properties on sets of numbers
  • Unit 3 Linear Functions, Equations & Inequalities
    Topics include
    - Eq & Ineq w/ 1 unknown
    - Solve linear eq w/ 1 unknown & represent solution graphically
    - Solve linear ineq w/ 1 unknown & represent solution on a number line
    - Model & solve problems w/ linear functions, eq & ineq
  • Unit 4 Percentage, Discount, Profit and Loss
    Topics Include:
    - Percentages
    - Discount
    - Commission
    - Profit and loss
    - Loans and savings (simple interest only)
    - Tax and insurance
  • Unit 5 Ratios & Proportions
    Topics Include:
    - Ratio, proportion and sharing
    - Applying ratio and proportion in practical and everyday contexts
  • Unit 6 Points, Lines & Angles
    Topics Include:
    - Segments, rays, lines, acute, right, obtuse & reflex angles
    - Parallel and transversal lines and their properties.
    - Constructing mathematical arguments using angle properties of parallel lines and shapes
  • Unit 7 Solids
    Topics Include:
    - Components of solids: faces, vertices and edges
    - Surface area and volume of a prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone and sphere
    - Formulae for surface area and volume
  • Unit 8 Statistics
    Topics include
    - Definition Data
    - Types of Data
    - Collecting Data
    - Measures of Central Tendency
    - Data Displays
    - Reading Statistical Graphs
    - Converting Statistical Graphs into Frequency Tables
  • Unit 9 Probability
    Intro to Probability
    Experimental & Theoretical
    Word Problems


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