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Honors Calculus Course


Units (select a unit)

  • Limits & Continuity
    One- and Two-Sided Limits
    Limits That DNE
    Indeterminate Form of 0/0
    Infinite Limits
    Squeeze Th. & Trig Limits
    Problem Solving
  • Derivatives
    Tangent Line Problem
    Def. of Derivative
    Derivative Rules
    Higher Order Derivatives
    Deriv. of Trig., Logs, e, Piecewise & Abs. Value
    Tangent & Normal Lines
    Deriv. of Inverse Functions
  • Applications of Derivatives
    L’Hopital’s Rule
    Implicit Differentiation
    Related Rates
    Linear Approx. & Motion
  • Analyzing Functions Using Derivatives
    Critical & Extreme Values
    The 1st & 2nd Deriv. Tests
    Connecting f, f’ and f”
    Curve Sketching
    Rolle’s & Mean Value Thms
    Newton’s Method
  • Integration
    Riemann Sums
    Trapezoidal Approximation
    Sigma Notation
    Definite & Indefinite Integrals
    FTC - Parts I & II
    Avg Values for Integrals
    MVT for Integrals
    u-Substitution for Integration
  • Applications of Integration
    Integral Defined Functions
    Net Change/Accumulation
    Rate In/Rate Out
    Particle Motion Revisited
    Area Between Two Curves


Alex Roush • 6 months, 4 weeks agologin to reply

Is there a semester final?

Audra Crist • 6 months, 4 weeks agologin to reply

Dear Alex Roush, Thank you for your comment. The Honors Calculus Final Exam has been posted under the Implementation Resource category. Please let us know if more information is needed or any questions arise. Kind regards, Audra

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