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AP Precalculus Course


Materials are being added to this course throughout the summer. All resources will be available for September 2023 use. Please check back soon.

Units (select a unit)

  • Functions
    What is a Function?
    Graphs of Functions
    Getting Info from the Graph
    Avg Rate of Change
    Transformations of Functions
    Arithmetic Sequences
    Combining Functions
  • Polynomial & Rational Functions
    Graphs of Polynomial Func
    Zeros of Polynomial Func
    Writing Polynomial Func from its Zeros
    Binomial Theorem
    Polynomial Inequalities
    Graphs of Rational Func
    Complex Fractions & Rational Equations
    Rational Ineq
  • Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
    Topics include:
    - Rewriting Exp. as Like Terms
    - Exponential Functions
    - Exp Functions with Base e
    - Introduction to Logarithms
    - The Natural Logarithm
    - Logarithmic Functions
    - Properties of Logarithms
    - Solve Exp & Log Equations
    - Modeling w/ Exp & Logs
    - Geometric Sequences
  • Conic Sections
    Intro to Conic Sections
    Recognizing Conic Sections from General Form
  • Trigonometric Functions
    Angle & Radian Measures
    Right Triangle Trig
    The Unit Circle
    Sine, Cosine & Tangent Functions
    Reciprocal, Composite & Inverse Trig
    Modeling Using Trig
  • Analytic Trigonometry
    Fundamental, Sum & Difference Identities
    Multiple Angle & Power Reducing Identities
    Product--Sum Formulas
    Solving Trigonometric Equations
    Law of Sines & Cosines
    Area of Triangles
    Solving Triangles w/ Bearings


Robert White • 10 months, 3 weeks agologin to reply

Hi, I am wondering, will this course be completed by Sept 2023?

Maria Surace • 10 months, 3 weeks agologin to reply

Hi Robert Yes, the whole course will be ready for September 2023. Materials will be posted throughout the summer. Best Maria

Darla Matsakis • 2 months, 2 weeks agologin to reply

Are the two Trig and Polar Functions units complete yet?

Audra Crist • 2 months, 2 weeks agologin to reply

Dear Darla Matsakis, Thank you for your comment. The Trigonometric Functions Unit has had 2 of the 3 presentations reviewed and posted today (see Chapters 1 and 2). The final presentation within this unit will be reviewed and posted by the end of the day Friday, 1/26/24. We will also work on posting the supporting files by 2/1/24. The materials in the Polar Coordinates and Parametric Equations unit, which will consist of two chapters of materials, should be completed and posted by the beginning of March. Please let us know if more information is needed or any questions arise. Kind regards, Audra

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