AP Calculus BC Course


This course includes all of the unit from AP Calculus AB (which are all links below) plus the additional units on Improper Integrals/ Partial Fractions, Parametric, Polar & Vector Functions, and Sequences & Series.


Limits and Continuity


Applications of Derivatives

Analyzing Functions Using Derivatives


Applications of Integration

Differential Equations

Units (select a unit)

  • Improper Integrals/ Partial Fractions
  • Parametric, Polar & Vector Functions
  • Sequences and Series


Samuel Cerritos • 1 year, 11 months agologin to reply

05/31/2020- Follow Up (06/17/2021) Audra, I don’t see an assessment bank for the Calculus BC.- Thank you!

Audra Crist • 1 year, 10 months agologin to reply

Dear Samuel Cerritos, Thank you for your comment. We are about to start working on creating new AP Calculus materials and converting pre-existing AP Calculus materials into a more remote-friendly format. Because we will be starting within the next few weeks, an exact time frame cannot be given for the AP Calculus BC assessment banks, at this time. I wish I could provide you with a more accurate time frame. We hope that you are enjoying our materials. Please check back for future updates. Kind regards, Audra

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