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AP Calculus AB 2022-- Course


You may fast-track your course audit using NJCTL's materials in lieu of a textbook and claiming identical to our approved course syllabus document.

Instructions are posted at the bottom of this course page under "Implementation Resources".

Units (select a unit)

  • Limits & Continuity
    One- and Two-Sided Limits
    Limits That DNE
    Indeterminate Form of 0/0
    Infinite Limits
    Squeeze Th. & Trig Limits
    Problem Solving
  • Derivatives
    Tangent Line Problem
    Def. of Derivative
    Derivative Rules
    Higher Order Derivatives
    Deriv. of Trig., Logs, e, Piecewise & Abs. Value
    Tangent & Normal Lines
    Deriv. of Inverse Functions
  • Applications of Derivatives
    L’Hopital’s Rule
    Implicit Differentiation
    Related Rates
    Linear Approx. & Motion
  • Analyzing Functions Using Derivatives
    Critical & Extreme Values
    The 1st & 2nd Deriv. Tests
    Connecting f, f’ and f”
    Curve Sketching
    Rolle’s & Mean Value Thms
    Newton’s Method
  • Integration
    Riemann Sums
    Trapezoidal Approximation
    Sigma Notation
    Definite & Indefinite Integrals
    FTC - Parts I & II
    Avg Values for Integrals
    MVT for Integrals
    u-Substitution for Integration
  • Applications of Integration
    Integral Defined Functions
    Net & Rates of Change
    Particle Motion Revisited
    Area Between Two Curves
    Volume by Disk, Washer & Cross-Section Methods
  • Differential Equations


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