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8th Grade Math Course


This course is in the process of getting updated and is almost completed.

All of the units have been updated, as well as the Year Long Plan. The Mid-Year & End-of-Year Assessments are the remaining files that are getting updated.

Units (select a unit)

  • Numbers and Operations 8th Grade
    Natural #s & Whole #s
    Addition, Subtraction & Integers
    Multiplication & Division of Integers
    Operations w/ Rational #s
    Converting Repeating Decimals to Fractions
  • Scientific Notation
    Intro to Exponents
    Properties of Exponents
    Purpose of Scientific Notation
    Writing #s in Scientific Notation
    Converting btw Sci Not. & Std Form
    Comparing #s in Scientific Notation
    Operations w/ #s in Scientific Notation
  • Solving Equations
    Rev: Two-Step Equations
    Multi-step Equations
    Solving Eq that Contain Fractions
    Eq w/ Same Variable on Both Sides
    Compare Expr. w/ the Same Variable
    Writing & Solving Algebraic Eq
    Translating & Solving Consec. Int. Problems
    Solving Literal Eq.
  • Real Numbers
    Converting Repeating Decimals to Fractions
    Square Roots
    Cube Roots
    Square & Cube Roots
    Rational, Irrational & Real #s
    Approximating Irrational Square Roots
  • Pythagorean Theorem, Distance & Midpoint
    Pythagorean Theorem
    Distance Formula
  • Graphing Linear Equations
    Linear Equations
    Graphing Linear Eq Using Intercepts
    Horizontal and Vertical Lines
    Slope of a Line
    Slope and Similar Triangles
    Point-Slope Form
    Slope-Intercept Form
    Proportional Relationships
    Solving Linear Equations
  • Systems of Linear Equations-8th grade
    Solving Systems by Graphing
    Solving Systems by Substitution
    Solving Systems by Elimination
    Choosing a Strategy
    Writing Systems to Model Situations
  • 2D Geometry
    Congruence & Similarity
    Special Pairs of Angles
    Remote Exterior Angles
  • Functions
    Relationships and Functions
    Domain and Range
    Vertical Line Test
    Linear vs. Non-Linear
  • Modeling Relationships
    Interpreting with Functions
    Analyzing a Graph
    Comparing Different Representations of Functions
  • Data
    Two Variable Data
    Line of Best Fit
    Determining the Prediction Equation
    Two Way Table
  • 3D Geometry
    3-Dimensional Solids
    Volume: Prisms & Cylinders
    Volume: Pyramids, Cones & Spheres


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