4th Grade Math Course

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  • Number Sense & Algebraic Concepts
  • Multiplication & Division Relationship
  • Multiplication & Division of Multi-Digit Numbers
  • Addition & Subtraction Computation
  • Fraction/Decimal Concepts
  • Fraction Computation
  • Measurement & Data
  • Geometry & Geometric Measurement


Susan Gebauer • 3 years, 11 months agologin to reply

Where is place value of decimals addressed in the PMI program? I understand the connection between fractions & decimals addressed in the 4th grade curriculum, but when are the concepts of reading & writing decimals and comparing & ordering decimals taught?

Melissa Axelsson • 3 years, 11 months agologin to reply

Susan - the first 5th grade unit "Decimal Concepts" covers this 5th grade standard: 5.NBT.3 Read, write, and compare decimals to thousandths. Where as the 4th grade standard 4.NF.7 is: Compare two decimals to hundredths by reasoning about their size. So according to the common core the reading and writing of decimals is taught in 5th grade. If you wanted to teach this to your 4th grade students, you can use our 5th grade materials.

Kat Ruoff • 3 years, 11 months agologin to reply

Is there a scoring guide for the End of Year assessment?

Melissa Axelsson • 3 years, 11 months agologin to reply

We currently don't have it completed. I will have one of our Curriculum Writers work on it and let you know once it is posted.

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