Accelerate Learning with Teacher Facilitated Courses for Students

Would you like a simple and cost-effective way to transition seamlessly between in-person and remote learning? Want to easily tailor instruction to individual students?

NJCTL has become a leading producer of science and math teachers through the use of proven 100% online, asynchronous courses.

We now offer versions of these courses that teachers can use with their students to support personalized instruction and efficiently address gaps in students’ prior learning. Each course is designed to work seamlessly between classroom and remote settings.

Teacher-Facilitated Courses provide everything your students need to learn middle and high school science and mathematics, as well as AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and AP Computer Science. A full list of courses is available here.

Teachers have complete oversight of their students’ individual progress, grades, and activity.

We will help you get set up and provide ongoing support.

Our Approach

Our approach to online learning is unique. Units are made up of a series of topics. Each topic is introduced with a brief video explanation which is then followed by a formative assessment question to test students’ understanding. Students are immediately told if they are correct and given access to a video showing how to solve the problem. This is repeated through a series of formative assessment questions that allows them to build their understanding. Once that topic is complete, they go on to the next topic.

Course Features

Courses are hosted on our website and Moodle platform, and include:

  • Editable digital presentations that replace the need for textbooks and contain direct instruction with embedded formative assessment questions.
  • Unit plans that contain everything you need for lesson planning, including standards, essential questions, formative & summative assessments, labs, and day-by-day instructional sequence.
  • Classwork, homework, and assessments that align directly to your instruction.

Teacher Oversight & Additional Features

  • An overview page to show student progress, grades, and last login.
  • A grade book which includes auto-generated scores for quizzes.
  • Capability for online submissions of virtual labs.
  • Teacher-Facilitated discussion boards and direct messaging with students.
  • Course set-up, training, and ongoing technical support.


The cost for each of these Teacher-Facilitated Courses is $250 per teacher, plus $250 per section. This includes initial set-up, implementation training, and ongoing support.

As part of NJCTL’s effort to support teachers, an individual teacher who is not being reimbursed by their district, and who is paying with their personal credit card, will be charged no more than $500.

For more information or to sign up, click here.

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