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I am extremely pleased to teach the PSI way!
Nicholas Ferriero | High School Science Teacher | Malcolm X Shabazz High School
Nicholas Ferriero is a veteran teacher at Malcolm X. Shabazz High School. He currently teaches PSI Algebra-Based Physics and PSI Chemistry.
What can you share about your experiences with PMI (or PSI)?
The PSI Physics and Chemistry courses have been valuable additions to my teaching career. I have taught the physics course for 6 years and chemistry for 2 years. The resources provided on the PSI website are outstanding. The courses allow for high student engagement. I am extremely pleased to teach the PSI way!
How did you handle training?
Training during the algebra-based physics course was rigorous as it was offered in the summer. However, the instructor was outstanding and the cohort of fellow teachers/students was highly supportive of one another. It was amazing how much content was covered and more importantly… learned! The AP section of the course took place during weeknights and occasional Saturdays. Once again, the instructor was excellent!
Do any other teachers in your building use PSI or PMI? If so, for which subjects/grades.
Yes. Three other teachers in my school use PSI. Freshman are enrolled in algebra-based physics; sophomores in chemistry; and juniors in biology.
How did you learn about PSI?
Dr. Robert Goodman came to my school in December, 2009 and introduced us to the program. A month or so later, I attended a PD session offered by Newark Public Schools that featured PSI orientation. I was so impressed and expressed interest in pursuing the endorsement.
What is the most positive outcome you have seen with your implementation of PSI or PMI?
Student mastery of content has improved by utilizing the PSI methods of teaching. Progress is clearly evident through analyzing of data. Student engagement has improved as well. The social constructivist aspect of the program is outstanding!