Dec 13, 2018

Scholarship Opportunity for African Teachers

In recognition of the differences in cost-of-living between the United States and Africa, and to provide as many opportunities as possible for teachers throughout Africa to get the training and support needed to provide high-quality science and mathematics education for their students, NJCTL is pleased to announce the following to all teachers in Africa:

Scholarships that will provide an 80% reduction in course fees for all 31 NJCTL online courses for teachers; the regular cost of $275/credit will be $55/credit.

African teachers of every academic background can learn to teach K-12 mathematics and science (including physics and chemistry).

Learn about our course offerings and credit structure by clicking here.

You can apply for a scholarship by clicking here.

Scholarship applicants have the option of applying their NJCTL credits toward graduate credits, and a possible Masters of Science in Teaching and Learning (MSTL), from Colorado University-Global Campus (CSU-G) - a world leader in online education. Click here for more information.

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