US National Master of Science in Teaching and Learning with Subject Matter Specialization in Physics Online Program

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Physics MSTL Online

This program allows teachers in any subject to earn a Master of Science in Teaching and Learning with Physics Subject Matter Specialization through a combination of NJCTL Online Courses for Teachers and Online MSTL Courses (CSU-Global partnership). 

For more details see: learning about the PSI and PMI curriculum.

While NJCTL Online Courses for Teachers are asynchronous, so they can be taken anytime, anywhere, we recommend starting on suggested dates to be part of a cohort. Also, “virtual office hours” will be in place for each course using Zoom; by being part of a cohort, those Zoom sessions will be more productive. All content courses will be offered completely online through asynchronous courses. Teachers will still receive classroom coaching visits as part of the Field Experience Courses.

Program of Study

These graduate level classes taken with NJCTL must be transferred onto a CSU-Gloabl graduate transcript (restrictions and fees apply).
Click here to learn more about having NJCTL credits transcribed onto a CSU-Global Graduate Transcript. 
Click here for the NJCTL Physics Endorsement Program without MSTL.


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Financing is available through Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union (GAFCU), click here to learn more
All individuals who pay for the entire program up front (through GAFCU financing or other means) are entitled to a 5% discount for paying in advance.

How To Enroll and Next Steps