Which courses will NJCTL be offering online?

These are the online courses NJCTL has available:

  • MET 6101: Teaching Methods - 2 credits
  • PHYS 6601: Algebra Based Physics - 6 credits
  • PHYS 6603: Advanced Physics: Mechanics - 5 credits
  • PHYS 6605: Advanced Physics: Electricity, Magnetism & Optics - 6 credits
  • PHYS 6607: Advanced Physics: Modern Physics and Praxis Review - 5 credits
  • CHEM 6107: Chemistry for Teachers - 7 credits
  • CHEM 6703: Teaching and Learning Advanced Chemistry I- 6 credits
  • CHEM 6705: Teaching and Learning Advanced Chemistry II- 6 credits
  • CHEM 6707: Teaching and Learning Chemistry Capstone Course - 3 credits

Can I earn graduate credits for this coursework?

Yes, each of the four physics courses, and each of the four chemistry courses, have been tentatively approved to earn 4 graduate credits in physics, or chemistry.  The online methods course has been approved to earn 2 graduate credits. Altogether, these courses can earn a student up to 18 graduate credits.

Are these credits provided by an accredited university?

Yes, these credits will be provided by Colorado State University’s Global Campus (CSU-Global), which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States. Effective May 16, 2016 the Institutional Actions Council of the Higher Learning Commission continued the accreditation of Colorado State University-Global Campus with the next Reaffirmation of Accreditation in 2025-26.

Can these credits be used towards a Master’s Degree?

Yes, CSU-Global will accept 18 of these credits towards its 36-credit Master of Science in Teaching and Learning with a Specialization in Physics Education as follows:

  • 12 credits of physics for the complete specialization in physics as part of the M.S. in Teaching and Learning
  • 6 credits of Teaching and Learning that can be used towards the remaining 24 credit hours required for the M.S. in Teaching and Learning
  • 3 credits substituted for OTL 540k: Theory and Practice in Backward Design
  • 3 credits substituted for OTL 541k: Evaluation and Assessment

What is the cost for each Online Course for Teachers?

For those who are not members of NJEA, the cost is $275 per credit, which results in the following costs for each course:

  • MET 6101: 2 credits -   $550 
  • PHYS 6601: 6 credits - $1650 
  • PHYS 6603: 5 credits - $1375 
  • PHYS 6605: 6 credits - $1650 
  • PHYS 6607: 5 credits - $1375 

NJEA member receive a 20% discount on these courses since NJEA founded NJCTL and is a major supporter. The price for NJEA members is $220 per credit, which results in these prices:

  • MET 6101: 2 credits -   $440
  • PHYS 6601: 6 credits - $1320
  • PHYS 6603: 5 credits - $1100 
  • PHYS 6605: 6 credits - $1320 
  • PHYS 6607: 5 credits - $1100

What is the additional cost for CSU-Global Graduate Credits?

$85 per credit.

Can these courses be used for earning a physics endorsement?

Together, these courses satisfy the 24-credit classwork requirement for the New Jersey approved physics endorsement program. The additional six credits of field experience complete that 30-credit program.

In other states, these sixteen physics credits should apply towards any state requirements for earning a physics endorsement.

In addition, this set of courses should prepare candidates for any pertinent physics subject areas test, such as the Praxis.