PHYS4611: Trigonometry Based Physics

Course Description:

This is a mathematically rigorous course that both requires and reinforces knowledge of algebra and trigonometry as applied to one and two dimensional problems. It is aligned with the physics content often taught in the later years of high school, first-year college courses, or the New York State Regents. It provides the foundation for studying AP Physics, Chemistry, Biology and traditional university level physics courses. Topics include mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves, and modern physics.

Prerequisite:  Geometry or Instructor Approval

General Information:

This is the online, asynchronous version of the NJCTL course that has been taught and continuously improved in classrooms across the world. All the content of that full-year course is included, no topics have been removed or diluted.  In a traditional classroom, this course requires at least 120 hours. Students should expect to devote at least that same 120 hours to complete this online course. However, the course’s asynchronous nature will allow students to invest that time when it is most convenient for them. To receive an NJCTL transcript, students will need to complete the entire course including the exams proctored by Proctorio software.  

Students need to inquire with their school to ensure the school will accept NJCTL’s transcript for new credit, credit recovery, or for satisfying prerequisites. Those decisions are at the sole discretion of the school.  If it is important to the student, credit and prerequisite approval should be discussed with the school prior to enrollment. The course syllabus is posted on this page to help with those discussions. NJCTL is available to speak with students, parents, or the school to address any questions or concerns.

Students not interested in receiving a transcript, and possible credit from their school, can take advantage of the course’s asynchronous nature to work with their NJCTL teacher to develop a plan to learn specific topics. That will allow each student to focus on their gaps from the previous year or prepare for next year.

Students of any age may take an NJCTL course. However, students under the age of 18 must be enrolled by their parent or guardian, who can accept Terms of Service and make payment.

Enrollment Procedure:

1. Parent/Guardian log in to your account, or create an account if you don’t already have one.

2. Add the child taking the course to your account.

3. Select the child, enroll them in a course, and pay.

4. Student and parent/guardian will then receive a welcome email along with an introduction to the course instructor.


Course Syllabus

This course is not available.

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