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Anthony Menzel • 3 years, 1 month agologin to reply

Could you all provide pdfs of all the presentations? It is very helpful to have pdf versions for computers, including cell phones, that may not have SMART Notebook software. Thanks, Anthony M.

Melissa Axelsson • 3 years agologin to reply

Anthony - thank you for alerting us to the missing PDF issue. We are running all of the files through our PDF converter right now so all of the PDFs will be posted shortly. Also just so you are aware, we are doing a re-write of all of the AP Chem materials this year - we are trying to get our revisions posted prior to a teacher getting to the unit. If you get to a new unit and do not see new dates on the files, send a comment and we can tell you how close we are to posting it. - Melissa

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