Polynomials Unit

Definitions of Monomials, Polynomials, and Degrees
Adding & Subtract Polynomials
Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial
Multiplying Polynomials
Special Binomial Products
Factors and the GCF
Factoring out GCF’s
Factoring using Special Patterns
Factoring x^2+bx+c
Factoring ax^2+bx+c
Factoring 4 Term Polynomials
Mixed Factoring


Deb Yoast • 2 years agologin to reply

Hi! FYI the Review that is attached at the end of the homework problems has three problems that should be put in the next unit. #1 is using completing the square; #10 &19 and having students solve for the x.

Audra Crist • 1 year, 12 months agologin to reply

Dear Deb Yoast, Thank you for your comment. Problems #1 & 19 were removed from the Polynomials unit review & placed into the unit review for Quadratics (next unit). Problem #10 (now problem #9) had the question changed from solving to factoring. Both CW-HW files have been updated (date stamp of 2018-04-06). Kind regards, Audra

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