Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity Unit


Cathleen Taylor • 4 years, 1 month agologin to reply

I am missing where, in the 6-8 sequence.., natural selection is presented. As in... the actual process of how adaptations occur, natural selection, DISPROVING Lamark (which the students and public at large are HUGE suckers for believing), and extinction. Can you indicate where that would be?? On the old website and materials we had used to lay out our MS sequence it was indicated in the year long plan for grade 7 that it would be covered, but it is not covered in the unit materials... only mendelian genetics and p-squares

Danielle Parker • 4 years, 1 month agologin to reply

Thank you for reaching out with your question. We recently discovered this discrepancy as well. We are currently reorganizing the 6th and 7th grade curriculum in order to include all of the standards in a more inquisitive manner that also ties in appropriate math skills. We hope to have this done as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Danielle Parker • 4 years agologin to reply

Please notice that this unit has been revised! The revised unit includes adaptations and natural selection. Stay tuned - further revisions are in the works, in order to make the unit more inquiry-based.

Kathy Toy • 4 years agologin to reply

When do you expect to add the Unit: Selection and Adaptation? MS-LS4-4, MS-LS4-5 and MS-LS4-6

Danielle Parker • 4 years agologin to reply

The standards that you are looking for have been split between two different units. MS-LS4-4 and MS-LS4-6 are located in the Grade 6 Unit: Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity. The standard MS-LS4-5 can be found in the Grade 7 Unit: Inheritance and Variation of Traits. We are currently enhancing our middle school science units to be more inquisitive and phenomena-based. As this happens, you will see some changes in how the units are organized. At any point, please write back with any questions or comments. We are grateful to hear from the teachers who use the curriculum!

Jeannette Sterbinsky • 2 years, 6 months agologin to reply

The unit plan lists a Geological Timeline quiz, but I do not see that available under the "Assessment" tab. Is there somewhere else I need to look or is it not available? Thank you for your time.

Melissa Axelsson • 2 years, 5 months agologin to reply

There is a Geological Timeline Activity that is listed under Day 1, that is found under the lab section. I do not see a Geological Timeline quiz listed in the unit plan. - Melissa

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